My Music
Since I can remember, I have loved to sing. I have also always loved to perform. My mother told me that when I was only about three, I learned all the major animal sounds (cat, dog, cow, etc.) and would perform them for people at the park on cue.

I would say I've come a long way from animal sounds now. We were always a musical family while I was growing up - my father and mother both played guitar and sang a lot, always harmonizing with each other.

Once I hit High School, I decided it was time for me to join my parents in their singing and playing guitar. I started strumming away, and after learning the basic chords, I started writing my own songs.

Since then, I have continued to write songs any time I have the chance. Once I got to college at the University of Florida, I began getting gigs at local restaurants and bars, playing my acoustic guitar and singing songs for as many as four hours a night.

I have always been very influenced by modern folk music, such as Jewel. I even taught myself to yodel after I heard her yodel. Yodeling has now become what I call my "schtick" at shows. No one can resist a girl with a guitar yodeling.

Now, I finally have put a band together - with some excellent musicians, I might add. With Tobin Wagstaff on drums and Izzy Perez on bass, The Alice Wallace Band has become a force to be reckoned with. With a band backing me up, my folk music has become more refined folk/rock, and I couldn't be happier.

Tobin and Izzy are perfectly content to play the songs that I have written, which makes things easy on me - no conflicting egos or fights over what we play. We just get together and play and have a great time.

If you would be interested in booking the Alice Wallace Band for a show, please see my Contact page for my e-mail address.