Whoa Nelly

Mares Spring is a very busy season for the staff at Hidden Point. Mares begin having their babies as early as mid-January and continue throughout February, March, April, and May. Often a full moon will bring many new babies to the farm. Babies begin using their extremely long legs in as little as two hours after being born and their mothers are usually the ones to help them to their feet. Staff at Hidden Point are very careful when caring for mothers who have just given birth. The extra care prevents the horses from getting sick from infection. Breeders' pay as much as $5000 per foal to breed with a stallion at Hidden Point. It's a risky business when the fee comes with no guarantee of a healthy foal.
Mare and her foal Horse country could not survive without the all important mama horses. Mares have many babies throughout their lives and recieve the very best in care, sometimes even better than the stallions. The fields of Hidden Point are filled with hundreds of grazing mares as they laze the day away. The fields is their playground until it gets dark and they are put in the barn. The barn helps protect the mares and foals from wild animals in the woods surrounding the farm. If they were to be left in the field, there would be little to protect them from the animals of the wild.