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My Wonderful Family

I'm an only child, and because of that people have always given me a hard time. "You're probably spoiled," they say. Well you know what? I really don't think I am, and the only reason for that is the fact that I have the best parents I could ask for. They really raised me right.

My Mom is usally more cheerful than thisThis is my dear old mother (please don't tell her I said that). Although she's technically a retired elementary school teacher, her school roped her into teaching an ESE (Special Ed) class this year. She always complains about her kids, but she loves them. Sometimes my mom seems more like my sister because she likes to tease. That's ok though; she's outnumbered by my Dad and me usually anyway.

You can call him Big'unMy dad is my hero. He's a retired high school math teacher and he's touched a lot of lives. Ever since I was little I remember going places with him and running into some of his former students.He always remembers them, even if he can't always recall a name, and they always say the same thing: "I miss your class so much. You were always my favorite teacher, Mr. Tyler." It still amazes me that he touched so many lives.

Friends Forever

My friends are great. Since I have no siblings, they're kind of like an extended family.

Check out the hat!I've known Emmy since I was three. We went through school all the way up to UF. She's a Telecommunications major and we have a standing Thursday Club Night. Sadly we usually go to :08 but that's fine. We have fun anyway.

Oh, to be drunk and giddy...Just to confuse everyone, this is my other friend Emmi (obviously it's spelled differently). Emmi's an Acting major and this girl knows how to party. She actually intimidates me a little when we go out. This girl can put down her weight in Guiness!!

Yep, Curve likes to show off his musclesThis is my best friend Michael Lombardo, but I call him Curve. Curve is my "crazy" friend, which is odd because he has a straightlaced corporate job in Orlando. Thanks to Curve I have much more appreciation of Heavy Metal and aggression. He and I got randomly matched as roommates several years back, and we really hit it off. It's really cool how a random roommate almost instantly became a friend I'm sure I'll always keep in touch with...makes me tear up a little.

I'm Popeye the Sailor Man...Matt is a really great guy. First you have to get past his crazy eyes though. When Matt looks at you his eyes are so intense and commanding it's a little freaky. He has the amazing ability to convince anyone to do anything, partly because of the eyes I think.