From letters of recommendation

  Senior Features Writer Kevin Gray says:
  "...She impressed me with her tenacity, intelligence and her desire to succeed..."
  "...proved herself to be adept at online investigative reporting."
  "Catherine has what I think many journalists lack. Tenacity. It's that mule-headed, stay-with-it-ness, that willingness to never give up, and the intelligance to know where to look, that will make her a well-respected addition to our field."
  UF's College of Journalism and Communications
  Associate Professor and head of the magazine program Ted Spiker says:
  "...and she's done it for the benefit of others...that points to her strength as a team player who's motivated by helping her peers."
  "...has had a high level of experience in the magazine industry already...especially in the area of research and reporting...did a lot of writing, as well as carried fact-checking and editing responsibilities...worked for student publications and has been committed to freelancing..."
  "...she's an excellent student...responsible, mature, talented, committed and curious -- all qualities that I know will serve her well in her future jobs."
  "'s so nice to see a student who has a real passion for magazines."
  Stephen C. O'Connell Center
  Program Assistant Darlene Brown says:
  "...always gives us one hundred percent despite long hours and sometimes unfavorable circumstances."
  "...her strong leadership skills and work ethics were quickly apparent and she was promoted..."
  "...responsible for scheduling all crews...a major part of the hiring program"
  "...received numerous letters of commendation for her outstanding work habits...employee of the month on numerous occasions and employee of the summer."
  "While working a job with uncertain hours, many last minute calls and very late nights, she manages to juggle her various responsibilities of school and work and yet do well in all."
  " outstanding worker, dependable, and a joy to work with at all times...a very enterprising person."
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