Mi Patria: Jamaica

"It's time to go to the mattresses." --Don Carleone

My Native Country
The Raymond Family
The Gainesvillioni Family
Awwwww look at the cute baby!! It was Sunday, November 10, 1985.

When I was born, the lights dimmed. Actually, the hospital just lost electricity.

I was born at University Hospital in St. Andrew, Jamaica, and I will always consider Jamaica my home. It is a beautiful country, with a rich culture and friendly people.

Some of my favorite things about my home are: the music, the people, the dialect, and the food. Well, not to mention the beautiful land and beaches.

I can understand Patois (Patwa), the Jamaican dialect, very well, but sometimes I have a little trouble spelling Patois words. I use this dictionary to help: Patois Dictionary.

If you havenít been to Jamaica, you are truly missing out on the experience of a lifetime.

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