Erin is my buddy The picture on the left is from when Erin took me to the Bahamas.
A free trip of fun in the sun, who could ask for anything more!
My Lori!
My huney! Matt and I went to Disney World together. Here we are at Epcot's entrance. I go to Disney all the time, but it was 10 times better being there with the man I love. (shhh, don't tell anyone!) In the picture above, my friend and roommate
Lori is trying to get me drunk. Look at that devilish gaze she has on me! That girl can drink me under the table, she should know better than to try to booze me up!

Kathryn also likes to booze it up with me. Even though I have only known her for 2 years, she has become a great friend. She too can drink me under the table.

I'm her Maid of Honor! Michelle, on the left, has been my best friend since before I could walk. Next November I will be with her at her wedding as her Maid of Honor. I can't wait! We like to booze it up!