A little bit of history about Cuban immigrants and their culture.

Cubans have immigrated to the United States at increasing rate since 1959 reacting to the establishment of a dictatorship led by Fidel Castro in the island. Many moved to Miami, New York, New Jersey and California.

Most of them thought they would be back to Cuba as soon as the regime fell, but history shows that did not happen. So they started building a new life as immigrants and began the process of adaptation to the new culture.

However, Cubans have also heavily influenced the areas they live in. They opened up their own businesses and have helped to make their cities what they are today.

But they have not changed their customs. Even though they have assimilated the American culture, they still speak Spanish at home, cook Cuban recipes most of the time and dance to salsa music at parties.

The number of immigrants from Latin America has increased, and Miami is not anymore a Little Havana area. However, many Cubans keep coming every year. Despite the legal agreement between the two countries, rafters try luck in the sea every day. If they reach dry land in the United States, they are allowed to stay based on the wet foot-dry foot policy. Even though they are discouraged to do so, the remote possibility of finding freedom and being accepted in this country, is incentive enough to take the risk.

As one of them, I truly hope our misery does not last much longer..!!

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