Caribbeanna: Recent Travel - Trinidad's Maracas Bay

Caribbeanna: Recent Travel - Trinidad's Maracas Bay

Maracas Bay
To reach Maracas Bay, I accompanied my relatives on a drive along the North Coast Road. The road cuts through Trinidadís northern mountain range. It makes for a beautiful view. Green, lush mountains are still highly visible to the east, west and south upon reaching the bay.

Maracas Bay opens into the Caribbean Sea. The water is clean and warm. There are plenty of waves, but the water is not too rough. There are strong, rip currents and their locations are marked out by bright red flags along the shore.

One of the best experiences at Maracas is sitting down on the beach with a cold drink and having a fresh "shark and bake." The shark is fried, tender, and sold in a light fried bread. It can be topped with a choice of tamarind sauce, shadon beni (culantro), mango sauce, hot pepper sauce, cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Northern Coast
Blanchisseuse Bay

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