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I was raised in a small town in sunny south Florida. Ten miles north of West Palm Beach is a place called Palm Beach Gardens. I spent 19 years of my life roaming the streets and waterways here. In 1978 my parents packed us up and relocated the family in this rural town and haven't changed their zip code since. I have lots of memories here. Along with my parents, two of my childhood best friends still reside here. Every time I go back to Palm Beach Gardens something new has replaced the wooded lots with enormous size and character. I have been back to visit three times since 2001 and the place is changing. If it were up to me it was perfect the way it was; However, not the case it's more beautiful than ever and people are flocking from everywhere. Here are some photos taken in my home town of Palm Beach Gardens.

Amy Lachance and me at the Rapids Waterpark Stacy Merklin, Mandi Fagan, Julie Griffin, Jen Griffin, and me at Panama Hatties Paulito and me enjoying mimosas in the pool pizza delivery with a bottle of champagne, we ran out Maruchy Lachance, Amy, Karin Antanitis, and me on a cruise in Palm Beach Views of Palm Beach from the Cruise Missy Mccloskey, Amy, and me at Jimmy Buffet concert drinking margarita's Craig Perkins and me on his boat in Palm Beach

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