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Here is where the confusion began. New York, a place where I really got a chance to find and really begin to know myself. A place where great opportunities blessed me. A place where I never settled in one town. I lived and worked in three towns; Manhattan, South Hampton, and Tannersville a.k.a Hunter Mountain. They are all very different; very large metropolis, glamourous summer beach getaway, and winter wonderland in the mountains. I call it seasonal homes. All rentals none the less. I moved to NY in the summer 2002. South Hampton is where it all began. September 2002, I got a rental in the city (Astoria, Queens); and in that same year in fall a ski house in the Catskills. Wow! I had ample opportunity to do whatever I pleased, and I DID... I enjoy all the many places that I can call home. Take a look at some more photos of my homes in NY and my life. I hope you Enjoy!

My pool In Hampton Bays, NY My ski house at Hunter Mountain-Tannersville, NY My city apartment view during the Blizzard'03 Abigail Mccall, Stacy, Delilah Sculzak, and my landlord in front of our house The view from my window at my beach house in South Hampton My first Ski lift with Kris C Julie  Cartier and me in a limo in NYC, we loved to use limo's instead of taxi's view of my  South Hampton house from the water One of my favorite pictures is the Flowers in the Spring lining Park Ave in NYC Me standing on my deck in South Hampton Me after arriving at my home in the city during the Blizzard'03

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