The Swamp during a football game
The Swamp during a football game

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A good part of my twenties was spent in Alachua County in a town called Gainesville. Centrally located in the North Florida, Gainesville is the home of The Gators at the University of Florida. I decided to attend UF when I was 21 years old and lived here for three years. However, unusual circumstances forced me out of Gainesville and back to PBG for a year. A few years later just after my 26th birthday I came back. Now back in Gainesville, living four buildings away from a couple of my best friends that I met here in this transient town; I'm back in school enjoying every minute of it. It's like I never left, we are back together again hanging out. Check out some pictures of my home and life in Gainesville.

 Kris Hutchinson, Mike Gozzo, Lindsay, Julie and me at Ginie-Springs one of our favorite pastimes My house in Gainesville Amanda Fagan, and me watching the Gators play Julie Mojica and Tony Mojica tailgating before a Gator Football Game Best Friends out on the town, me, Julie, and Mandi  Matt Conner, Tim Bosko, Julie and me at Beef 'o'Brady's in Gainesville

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