"i am to fill it with its lifeblood..."
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This page is dedicated to all who were not fortunate to have their pictures showcased on this site.

my_family: Mommy, Daddy and Durya, I love you.

my_friends: King, Precious, Anna, Andrew and the Girls of BFE 2004, good lookin' out ♥!

everyone_esle: and you know who you are...remember who was there for you when you were down and out and who just came around when it was convenient for them.

::Favorite QUOTES from my LJ::

"...and my favorite quote of the night: "I don't know who I am...all I know is that I am (Natty)." It was amazing. It started off slow and then progressed into this amazing exchange."

"...Mayo and I dressed up in our finest duds and headed out to Synergy...oh wait wrong journal...head out to a CaribSA get together. Since most of the girls in CaribSA hate us we always have to look our spiffiest and we did as usually.
That makes them hate us all the more and genuinely makes my day or night...which ever the case may be."

"...he spoke with a lisp. annoying at first, but soon it became apart of the intricacies that are russell simmons. "hip-hop mogul?" pure luck i say. he has no degree and is not very charming or handsome. just a knack for being at the right place at the right the right decade.

he was one of the pioneers at the birth of hip-hop. a point when the raw "blackness" of the music emerged from the slums of the inner-cities to shock and inform white america of the harsh realities faced by urban youth.

he gave no words of wisdoms but "recognize your blessings" and "give back to the community." he pushed his products and dropped names more than a telephone directory, but still i listened on. hoping for that one glimmer of hope. the words of wisdom that would inspire and encourage me for the rest of my college career. and there were none."