"until the moon creeps onto the black canvas of night and then..."
from: emotionless faces

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I inspire myself, but they're are always thoses days when even the strongest of warriors need encouragement. I find encouragment through writing, music and...

The love of my life, Joseph

This is my knight in shinning armor, Joseph better known as Jr. He inspires me a little more everyday. I love him to death. We have been together for about three years and I still get butterflies in my stomach everytime I see him.

My cat, Salem is the best black cat you'll ever encounter. She's opinionated, stubborn and does just what she likes...What a kitty!

Salem Saberhaggen McDonald, my cat

Mayo, Safi, Jen & Shayla

Good Friends...I surround myself with beauty and positive people.
NOTE: if you are wondering why your pic is not on this site, don't be discouraged you're in my heart! ♥