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The Day
Every aspect of this birthday tied into a theme that my friends came up with. This was my birthday, "all around the world." The first stop on the trip was the International House of Pancakes, but the wait was too long, so we took a detour through Publix. The next stop was America, where we attended a good old-fashioned football game. After America I was given a boarding pass to Japan where we had our dinner in a Japanese restaurant. Next on the itinerary was Italy (The Olive Garden) for dessert, but they were closed when we arrived. We went straight to the next stop- a beach in Spain. My friends decided that the Jacksonville beach was Spain because I studied abroad in Spain and I had lived on the beach. They also snuck me over to South Africa by giving me a gift that a friend of mine from South Africa had sent. Each part of my birthday was special because I knew my friends had worked hard to make it all creative for me.
The world
The theme fit perfectly with my personality. I love to travel. Most of my best memories come from times I have gone to see new places. For my birthday my friends gave me my dream gift- a trip around the world.
The Theme
The People
The Game

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