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Living in Gainesville, five hours from my hometown, my friends have become more than people I know and share my days with. My friends are my family, they are a part of me and my heart. We might make each other mad sometimes, but through communication everything can be resolved. I love my friends. I treasure them and I know that most of my smiles wouldn't happen if it weren't for them.
The girls: Stacey, Me, Shana, Shira, Meredith and SaraMe and Jon
There were several people who made their way to Jacksonville that weekend to help make my birthday special, and even people who couldn't make it made an effort to wish me a happy birthday. My group of friends that traveled with me and organized everything included: Jon, Shana, Sara, Stacey, Meredith and Shira. The football game, the partying and the gifts were special, but what really made this birthday meaningful were the people that shared it with me.

Jon- Him and I have been friends since the sixth grade. There were a few years where I didn't like him very much, but that changed in high school when he became one of my best friends. We have stayed close through college and I'm lucky to have a friend like him in my life. I know he will always hear me out no matter how absurd my issues may sound, and he loves to eat just as much as I do. This doesn't have a great affect on our wallets, but we don't think that's very important when it comes to eating good food.

Shana- We were good friends in middle school and then in high school we lost touch. Luckily, in college we met back up again and now we're even roommates! Shana is always up for having fun or watching Family Guy (it's almost a ritual for this girl!). She is a great listener and has amazing skills in the game of Scrabble. I'm happy we were able to meet back up in college and I love having her as my friend and one of my roommates.

Sara- Sara is a really special friend because she is someone I met in my freshman dorm, early in this whole college experience. She has always tried to make my birthdays special ever since she first knew me. In freshman year she made me my favorite kind of cupcakes and delivered them to my door. I was so surprised and happy. Her and I have stayed close friends through college and we've even been co-workers for two years. We both work as Resident Assistants. I don't think I could have made it through RA training without this girl! Plus, I need to have someone to gossip with about other co-workers.

Stacey- Random roommate assignments don't always work out, but in my case it worked out better than I could have imagined. Stacey and I were assigned to live together freshman year in Graham Hall. We would sometimes go out together or stay up late talking when we both had to get up for class the next day. I didn't even realize how close we had become until it was time to leave. Little did I know I would get to live with her again in my junior year. Stacey is the perfect girl to go out to clubs or bars with. She knows how to have a good time and just forget about any worries or problems. She is also a great listener whenever I have a problem I need to discuss.

Meredith- This girl is an inspiration to anyone who would like to be responsible, motivated or successful. I admire her for the discipline she has in life. We first met in our sophomore year when we worked on the same housing area staff as Resident Assistants. We became much closer in our junior year. Meredith also has that love for food that I share with Jon. She is a great girl and I hope that we stay in touch for many years after college.

Shira- She has one of the most outgoing and energetic personalities I have ever met. She is always ready to make someone laugh or tell a really good story. I've only met her this year through Shana, but she has quickly become a welcomed member of the group.
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