Traveling Through Black & White
Cafe DuMonde

In October of 2003, I spent a week in New Orleans for a public relations conference. I took this opportunity to explore this city and capture it on film.

This photograph displays the famous Cafe Du Monde, which is known for its coffee and beignets. It is located off of Decatur St. in the French Quarter.

I angled the shot so that the roof splits the photograph in separate sections. By doing so, the viewer gets a feel of the inside and outside atmosphere of the cafe.


The city of New Orleans is so rich with history and character. While wandering the streets by day, I photographed this woman offering palm readings and predictions of the future.

The photograph is meant to be candid in nature, with the fortune teller somewhat hidden among her signs and customers.

Psychics, along with Voodoo practice and ghost tours, are commonly found here.

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