Traveling Through Black & White

This photograph displays one of the many canals that Venice is known for. Venetians use these canals as their primary source of transportation. Vehicles are generally not permitted on the many islands that make up this beautiful city.

The photograph is highly contrasted. It portrays lighter parts on top and in the background but darker grays and blacks in the foreground. This is due to the shadow created by the angle at which the sun hits.

Not only does this photograph display the oldness and texture of the city with its beautiful architecture and romantic gondola rides, but it also gives the viewer a feel as if he is looking into the city. This is created by the angle at which it is shot, with the arch forming a natural tunnel view.


The architecture in Italy is amazing, specifically in Florence, where I lived for a month. This photograph displays the Duomo, the famous cathedral in the heart of Florence. It is known for its cupola, or dome-shaped top, created by Brunelleschi.

I angled the photograph in a way so the viewer is looking up and feels its enormous size, power and history.

I climbed to the top of the Duomo, winding through narrow stairways, to be greatly rewarded with an overview of the entire city of Florence with the sun rays shining upon it.

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