Friends 'Til the End:
Nick Lipari And His Partners in Crime

Hooters is a good place for friends: Mel, Rishi and Myself

My friends are an important part of my life. I deal with a lot of stress from work at Blockbuster (in Ocala) and school, and if I didn't have them for guidance and to just hang out with, I'd be just another lost college kid.

I can rely on them anytime to have fun. The picture to the left is of Melanie Sanders, Rishi Chelminski and myself hanging out with the Hooters Girls. But we even have fun when we watch TV together. We have a regular "TV Night" set up on Tuesday nights where a group of us get together to watch the NBC comedy "Scrubs." After that, we usually take a walk around the neighborhood and discuss what's been going on in our lives and relationship problems...or lack of relationships in some of our cases!

I think it only makes sense to start from the beginning. I can only hope that I can give a proper tribute to the people who, outside my family, have helped me enjoy my time in school the most.

Rishi approves of his Hogan's sandwich

Rishi Chelminski
I've been friends with Rishi since approximately 7th grade. We both survived the International Baccalaureate program together, but the only reason I went into it was because he was going into it. Plus, he was then and still is my best friend. Otherwise, I would have been zoned for a different high school. Now we're causing trouble at UF. He's generally the first guy I go to for advice or help. We hang out in Gainesville actually more than we ever did in Ocala and we enjoy going to Hogan's and having a good laugh.
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Neil (left) and Rishi deny they pulled the fire alarm

Neil Lammers
Neil is a practical joker! Whenever I'm around him, I have a good time because he's absolutely nuts! He used to work at Blockbuster, so he understands all my stories and how some of our customers still don't understand the concept that the actual movie is behind the cover box! He came in this past weekend and started answering the phones while I checked people out on line. Neil helps me out a lot with relationship advice.

3 Queens: Melanie Sanders, Pamela Seabrooke and Shannon Clayton

Melanie Sanders, Pamela Seabrooke and Shannon Clayton
I think the hair metal band Motley Crue said it best with their hit "Girls, Girls, Girls." Within our circle, these are the three most prominent females. Melanie transferred to our high school and the IB program in 1999, so Rishi and I have known her for some years now. Melanie and Pamela are roommates, so I haven't known her for too long. She seems really cool though. Rishi and I knew Shannon (far right) since middle school. Sometimes it's a pretty cool thing to have friends that are hot!

Every Girl's Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man

Mike Wright
I just met Mike last semester. We live in the L.H. Rogers-Rotary Scholarship House, one of the eight houses in Gainesville that is part of the Southern Scholarship Foundation. He's pictured here with his mom. Mike is my roommate this semester and we get along really well. I think it's because we have the same sense of humor. When I was out sick for a week, he took a picture of my bed and e-mailed it to me with the caption, "Your bed misses you!"

You talkin' to me? I'm ready for my closeup Play that funky music, white boy!

High School Friends
I got to know Krupal Patel (far left) in high school. I don't get to see him as much as I used to, but sometimes we run into each other at parties. He's a really cool guy and he's funnier than most people assume when they first meet him. Brianne Smith (middle) and I became friends in freshman year. She's at CFCC right now, but she's going to be graduating soon. She's always really cool to talk to, but because of our busy schedules, we don't usually get the chance to talk too much. But hey, that's why we use AOL Instant Messenger! Ivan Tzvetanov is one of the SMARTEST people I have ever met in my life! He graduated from the IB program as salutatorian. He's now at Stanford, but he calls me every once in a while to keep in touch. We e-mail each other sometimes too, and it's always really good to hear from him.

"I get by with a little help from my friends."
-The Beatles

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