Meet My Familia:
Nick Lipari Introduces the Family

The Goodfellas Prepare for the Wedding

OK, so in case you didn't guess it from the name and the photos, I'm a whopping 100 percent Italian! This picture is from 2001, right before my Uncle got married. From the left it's me, my Uncle Joe, my Uncle John (the groom), my Dad Mario, and my brother Tony.

I know that families have the tendency to be close, but I feel that being Italian gives me a slight advantage over others. Even my friends have mentioned that my parents are really cool!

A Night at the Winghouse Why don't we just kill each other?

Tony's my brother and my tag team partner. We're usually on the same page with each other because we have a lot of the same interests. We have been known to hang out at Winghouse (left) and impersonate scenes from movies like Face/Off (right). He's currently working on his rock and roll fantasy. Tony, you rock and I salute you!

Say mercy, Christina!

Christina's my sister and my favorite person to mess with (only because she messes right back with me). In her free time, she loves making comedic short films, especially when they're improv. She's currently at CFCC and she wants to become a teacher one day. She works part-time at a daycare center, gaining experience for her future career.

Jon Louis and the Lipari Women Jon Louis hanging with the Lipari Men

Mom and Dad
My parents are really cool people. If something's going on with me (I'm in college, so there's always something going on with me), I never feel weird talking to them about it. These pictures were taken in October when Uncle John, Aunt Georgia, and Jon Louis came to Florida. Hey, they both wore green shirts that day!

Sasha the Wonderdog Arch-rivals:  Peaches and Millie Paco, the only male pet in our house

The Pets
There are currently four pets in the Lipari household. The photo on the left is of our dog, Sasha. We've had her since 1988 and, although she's slowed down over the years, I'm very happy that she's still with us. The photo in the middle is of our oldest cat, Peaches, who we got in 1986, and the new kitten, Millie, who was a birthday present for my sister last year. Peaches is on the counter and Millie is on the window ledge. The photo on the right is Paco, our second oldest cat. We got him in 1993. Over the years, he's become more affectionate to all of us and likes to hang out with me when I come home for the weekends. I had written up a protest sign (it's unreadable in the photo, but that's what the index card leaning on him is all about).

"Fredo, you're my older brother and I love you, but don't ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever."
-Al Pacino, "The Godfather"

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