My Alpha Delta Pi sisters!

My Alpha Delta Pi Sisters

I am a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. I joined my sophomore year of college (AC 2001). I have made some great friends, and the picture to the left show some of the best! At one time or another, I have lived with almost all of these girls. From left to right: Stacy (my big sister in the sorority), Danielle, Jenny, Me and Anna.

Being part of Alpha Delta Pi has meant so much to me. I've made great friends, and I've been able to help out the community too. Alpha Delta Pi's philanthropy is the Ronald McDonald House. We donate our time and raise money each year to help them.

My Roommates

I have the best roommates in the world! Left to right: Me, Robyn, Tanya and Linda. We live in The Exchange in the coolest apartment ever. We've grown so close over this past year. I know Robyn and Tanya from high school. I just met Linda when I moved in, but we became fast friends.

We love watching "American Idol," "Sex and the City" (I'm so sad it's over!) and "Friends" together. We also love cooking dinner, partying, going to the mall and working out together.

Robyn is a Psychology major, and she's going to graduate school for her Ph. D. Tanya is a Business Administration major. After college, she's going into business with her Dad. Linda is a DIS major, and she plans on attending medical school in the future.

My roomies!