I have had the opportunity to research several challenging topics throughout my academic experience. Included here are links to two term papers I am especially proud of.

“An Analysis of Europe’s United Response to Transboundary Air Pollution”

Adobe PDF 1.31MB
April, 2003
By Justin Hemlepp

An intense, thoroughly cited detail of the development of legal mechanisms in the European Community protecting international air quality in light of Cold War politics and rapidly advancing science. It also shows the procedural progression from multilateral negotiations to enforceable international law. This term paper earned an ‘A’ in three concurrent UF classes: Introduction to European Union Law, International Environmental Politics, and Biology: chemistry, change and evolution (for the annotated bibliography)...Read more - Adobe PDF 1.31MB

“’Dude, it can’t happen’ - or – Maybe it just shouldn’t”

Oct 3, 2003
By Justin Hemlepp

A response to Plato’s “Republic” written in the Socratic dialogue. It is a satirical arguement intended to be read as a chapter of the “Republic” itself where a new character, Justus, has come upon this infamous roundtable discussion. The paper’s title alludes to a classroom joke.Read more

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