A Murderer's Last Days

After his last-minute appeals were rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court, Johnny Robinson was administered the death sentence by the state of Florida for the robbery, kidnapping, rape and murder of Beverly St. George...Read more

Gainesville Waits for Justice

In August 1990, this small college town lost its innocence to a serial killer - Danny Harold Rolling....Read more

Murder on Campus

Sudheer Satti was reportedly stabbed in the head and torso over 30 times - the University of Florida's first murder in a quarter-century...Read more

"Teach Your Children"

Stephen Stills - of CSN&Y fame - sang songs and told stories at his alma mater. An interview proved Stills thinks Gainesville is "home." Read more

An Arab Perspective

Omar al-Issawi is a co-founder of the Al-jazeera television network. His speech and the preceeding press conference brought an important perspective to the university...Read more

Weed Leader

Keith Stroup is the founder of NORML, a marijuana "smoker's lobby." He agreed to meet with me for an hour-long, on-camera interview...Read more

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