Drinking Patina Water

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Jamie Bojack Gwen is the greatest friend you will ever have....but sometimes she wont let you eat lunch with her...and make you sit at a loser table all by your lonesome.. . once you do that your In! Definetly worth it... i luv her.

gwenny poo is my gville buddy in crime. we like to steal lawn gnomes when we're back home, but in alachua county we like to kick people's asses. i don't know a bitch that can talk better smack than gwen! good thing i have the muscles to back it up or no more hairy krishna for old gwen! Cassie McDaniel

Shawn McNulty gwen is lovely. if she is mos def, then her sister is talib kweli. they were once conjoined twins but they split apart and they will be together once again this summer, just like blackstar. i miss gwen. i met her at a science party a long time ago. i still lived in tampa and she still lived in some far off land called casselberry. i didn't really know anyone at the party and she didn't either. now we're good friends and i'm a better man for it. tag, you're it. HAHAHA. ha. heh heh. HA!