Christine Hale
About Me

I am a graduate student at the University of Florida in the College of
Journalism and Communications, specializing in journalism. I graduated with a
bachelor's in English with a creative writing concentration from Florida State
University in 2000, minoring in philosophy. After graduating, with no idea what
to do with a creative writing degree that was going to support me, I went to
work in advertising and marketing for a few years. After deciding I didn't want
to sell anything to anybody anymore, I would rather tell people the truth and
let them decide for themselves, I went back to school in January 2004, and this
time in pursuit of a degree in journalism. I began my college career
studying journalism at Truman State University in Missouri from 1996 to 1998,
and worked at the newspaper of every college I attended, as well as in high
school, so it wasn't too much of a departure. Also, while working in public
relations, I realized I didn't want to be the one being interviewed, I wanted to do
the interviewing.

So I've traveled a long way to get to Gainesville, but even further before. I
spent my childhood as an "Air Force brat," the term commonly used when you tell
people your dad was in the Air Force. I was born in 1978 in Chanute, Ill. My
family then traveled to South Carolina; Atwater, Cal.; Guam; Las Vegas;
and Omaha, Neb., before my dad finally retired after 22 years of service
and moved the family down to Plant City, Fla., in 1998, when I transferred
to FSU to enjoy the beautiful weather, beaches and cheap in-state tuition after
too long in the frigid midwest. Since coming to Florida, I have sustained my
two-years-in-every-city pattern, and have had the opportunity to enjoy some
truly spectacular places in the state, which is so rich in culture and variety.
From pine trees to palm trees, Florida can rival just about any state in
beauty, as you can see in the photos page of the site. You'll also see some of
the places I've traveled from 1996 till now (thanks mom and dad). Photos of
concerts and earlier travels are soon to come, along with images of
my professional work on the Resume page.