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Words of Wisdom

One thing that I enjoy more than anything is the Word of God. I love to share my faith with others and I love learning new things that help me live my life in a better way for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am launching a site, to be completed by the end of summer, that will in part teach people about the Christian faith. Below is a snippet of what is to come on my site.


There are those who at one point in life did something to break another's trust. Perhaps one did something horrible to another physically or emotionally. A boyfriend or girlfriend cheated. An abuse or rape occurs. A wrongful firing is done. A best friend's treason is committed.

Some will hold on to that hurt and anger for the rest of their lives. This causes a major problem for Christians. Whenever one prays, he or she gets down on his or her knees and asks God to forgive the sins he or she committed over time. He or she goes to bed believing that as a Christian, he or she has the right to be forgiven. While this is true, one loses that right if he or she doesn't forgive others of their trespasses.

Matthew 6:14-15 says if one doesn't forgive his or her brother of his trespasses, God will not forgive that one. Forgiveness comes only when forgiveness is given to others. The Lord says vengeance is His, and He will repay. Let Him worry about the rapist, or the dead-beat father, or a friend who stabs in the back. What one must do is forgive that person and keep moving forward. It can no longer be a source of pain and negativity in life.

The following may sound insensitive, but one has to understand the point clearly: get over it, whatever "it" is!

Unwillingness to forgive leads to no forgiveness from God. No forgiveness from God means sin builds walls that block His anointing. No anointing means no blessings. No blessings means no forward movement. Please, forgive whomever must be forgiven. Knock those walls of sin down and receive the anointing and goodness from God!