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Look at that big Kool-Aid smile!

Hey everyone,

Who am I? Well, one of the most genuine people you'll meet. I was born and raised on North Florida's East Coast, and now I have lived in Gainesville since 1996 while going to school at the University of Florida (with some time off at various points). Life wasn't always easy growing up, but it builds character, toughness and a sense of responsibility if you take the positive things out of it.

I've always been good with words, from poetry to teaching, public speaking to feature writing. It was really just a hobby when I was younger until I decided that I wanted to go into broadcast journalism and feature writing as a career. I'm now in pursuit of a master's degree in mass communications, and hopefully I'll be done with that in the fall of 2005.

After I'm done with the master's program my intent is to eventually work my way to being a big time broadcaster. I preferably would like to do sports, since it's my biggest non-spiritual passion, but I would do other genres as well since I have interest in many things. I also want to start a foundation to help Christian families. I haven't decided on a focus for that yet, but I'm sure it will hit me when it's time.

Much love to all those who visit!