Room Renaissance uses a new approach to decorating. We hope this FAQ answers your basic questions about what we do. If you have other questions, e-mail us, or call (919) 851-0513.

What is Room Renaissance?

Room Renaissance is an interior arrangement service owned and operated in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina by Jan Fiorilli.

How is interior arrangement different from interior decorating?

Interior arrangers use a client's own belongings, rearranging them to achieve new looks that stay true to the client's personality, taste and living habits. Clients do not need to buy anything new or endure the hassle of shutting down rooms during a lengthy remodeling process. Interior arrangement is a cost-effective way to achieve a new look for your home.

How long does it take to have Room Renaissance redo my rooms?

Less than a day. Room Renaissance can transform your rooms while you work or relax. When you return, you will find your rooms reborn.

Who uses Room Renaissance?

People find Room Renaissance useful in any number of situations. We can integrate new furniture into your home or update the arrangement of your classic pieces. We can help you take best advantage of your space when family members move in or move away. We can give your home a new look for a special season or occasion.

How much does your service cost?

Room Renaissance can transform your home for a fraction of the cost of new furniture or decorations. For specifics, check our rate page. You can also e-mail us and ask for a free consultation.

How can I contact Room Renaissance?

You can reach owner Jan Fiorilli at (919) 851-0513, or e-mail