Room Renaissance owner Jan Fiorilli believes any living space can be made beautiful. Formal dining rooms and tiny dorm rooms all bloom thanks to her sense of space and style.

Jan believes that every person needs unique surroundings. She also understands that full-scale decorating is too expensive and inconvenient for most people.

Jan's personal, practical approach to decorating led her to seek training through the Interior Arrangement and Design Association (IADA). Instead of tearing apart a home and starting from scratch, interior arrangers perform room makeovers, unlocking the potential of their clients' existing furniture and decorations.

"It's a good use of your money and your time," Jan says of the interior arrangement approach. "It always is satisfying to see your things looking different."

In 2003, Jan completed the IADA's training course and became a graduate member of the organization. With the credentials to support her decorating skills, she created Room Renaissance.

Today, Room Renaissance serves customers throughout the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, and in other areas by request.

Jan has lived in the Research Triangle area for nearly 30 years. When she is not decorating for her clients, she is likely to be found bringing a designer's touch to the apartments of her two daughters, who live in Gainesville, Fla., and New York City.

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