A rise to greatness

Long ago, in a far-away place called Tallahassee, a baby girl was born at 5:45 one August morning. Her name was Chelsea. Soon after, she moved with her parents to Orlando, where she had a pretty normal childhood. She grew up and, much to her die-hard-FSU-fan parents' chagrin, became a Gator in 2000.

Back in Orlando, she has a loving mom, dad, and brother James who will be a freshman at UCF next year. And lots of pets, too. Her family has two dogs, Rags and Kate (who her brother wanted to name- appropriately- Chaos), two cats, and an indeterminate number of fish.

Baby Chelsea and her dad.

A few of my favorite things

Chelsea loves a lot of things, including her family and close friends, God, music, running, animals, making people laugh, Diet Coke, ice cream, reading magazines for free at the bookstore, warm weather, playing her oboe, wasting time on the Internet, speaking in the third person, and using the word "including." One thing Chelsea thinks she could get used to loving very quickly is a kickable "The Cheat" stuffed anvil... animal?

Speaking of wasting time on the Internet, these are some of her favorite sites:

    Amazon- The place to go for free downloads, song samples, and (relatively) cheap textbooks.
    Naxos- A music nerd's heaven. You can listen to almost any classical piece on streaming audio.
    The Straight Dope- The site says it "contains all worthwhile human knowledge- updated daily." You'll never need to go to class again.