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Dragons are an ancient symbol of knowledge and power that appear in the history of virtually every culture in the world. Dragons are not adversarial to humankind, but challenge us as humans to discover our own boundaries, and think about going beyond them. The origin of the word Dragon is from the Greek Drakoni, which means "the seeing one." Thus Dragons are associated with the ability to see or perceive phenomenon and represent the unknown within each of us and within each of our lives.

Dragons encompass a variety of symbolic meanings from China to South America:

  • In the Middle East they are portrayed as fierce and dangerous;
  • In China, they are symbols of wealth, power, and sepremacy and the Dragon with five claws was adopted by the Chinese emperor, by law not to be used by anyone else;
  • In astrology, the Dragon's head represents the sets of lessons we as spirit beings come to earth to learn again and the tail represents the baggage we bring with us from previous incarnations;
  • The Dragon constellation, known as Gamma Draconis, lies due north and the shifting of this constellation represents our evolutionary path;
  • In both Greek and Norse Mythology great Dragon-like beasts represented as robbers and abductors of women were slain by heros, while other such beasts were regarded as guardians and custodians;
  • In Christianity, they are symbols of evil, like the serpent represented in the Creation story;
  • In Yoga and Eastern mysticism, the serpent represents our psychic energy and lies coiled at the base of the spine, as it awakens it begins its ascent bringing us to higher levels of consciousness and empowerment;
  • In several eastern cultures the Dragon represents the fertilizing power of water and their wings represent lightning;
  • And, Dragons are often seen as symbols of greed or lust and can represent unresolved personality conflicts within our psyche. They can represent the dark side of our souls, not because our souls are evil but because we are constantly challenged to explore, becaome illuminated and achieve a fuller understanding of our lives and destinies.
  • The Dragon Tarot, by Terry Donaldson

    I have been collecting Dragons for many years. Like the essense of the Dragon, I believe education is empowering and find comfort in the unkown. Life is a journey and this site is a glimpse into mine.

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