Church Projects

Church Productions...

Through my church, Gator Christian Life, I have had the opportunity to produce some pieces that serve to enhance the message. These pieces can range from one-minute "man on the street interviews" to longer, more direct segments designed to confront and challenge viewers.

"The Hideous Doctrine"

The Hideous Doctrine is based on a short narrative, written by John Thomas, that describes hell. It goes on to describe what person might go through in hell. I had the challenge to put his words onto the screen using video and audio. I came up with a simple yet effective concept of flashing key words and scripture reference to a voice-over of the narrative. This short segment turned out to be one of the most moving videos I have ever produced.

"GCL Intro Video"

Our church was looking for a creative way to get people's attention that the service was about to begin. So I designed this quick video intro with video clips and fast music to get everyone's attention. Its a great way to start the service and an easy way to keep control, especially when you're on a time schedule.