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Today's Menu Bridget About Bridget Bridget is a University of Florida Sophomore majoring in Journalism. She's been involved with journalism since 1999 at Charles W. Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines, Florida. She was an active staff member of the school paper, where she served as the Features Editor her Junior year and the Editor-in-Chief her Senior year. She has had free-lance work published in the Pembroke Pines Extremely Local Section of the Miami Herald.

Bridget currently works at an on-campus coffee shop, Java City, located in the Reitz Union. In her spare time she enjoys playing piano, computers, graphic designing, crafts, music, movies and television.

She keeps an online journal hosted at Go here to read it!

This page was created for her MMC 3260 Communication on the Internet course at the University of Florida. Visit the MMC 3260 class homepage!

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