Seantee's Sahara: My Family

me This is my mother and father, Paulette and Les Campbell. My parents are really cool and supportive people. They raised my sisters and I in a way that allowed us to live and learn without being chatised every step of the way.They are really funny and having them as parents is just plain fun most of the time. It is like being able to have people that can be your parents as well as your best friends all the time. My mother and father have been married for 30 years. Can you believe that? They do not look like they are old enough to be married for that long, do they? I just hope I am that lucky!
me This is my elder sister, Shari Campbell. Looks pretty wild, doesn't she? But in truth, Shari is in law school and has always been incredibly studious and focused. Shari is my best friend in the entire world. She is only about a year and a half older than me, so growing up we were always more like twins rather than regular sisters. A lot of people even say that we look alike, but we do not see that at all. Shari is very strong, and her strength can mainly be found in her words. She is an excellent speaker, and even better at delving into debates and arguments. She is very overprotective of me and I have to admit that I enjoy the attention immensely. Shari is not only strong with her words, though. She is probably physically the toughest person that I know as well. She has done everything from professional jazz dancing to being a star track runner, and at nearly 5'10'', I believe that she can just about accomplish anything. Everytime I have a problem, I run to my big sister and she never fails to solve it.
me This is my eldest sister, Simone Campbell and her daughter, my niece, Isabelle. I really cannot describe how much I love my eldest sister. She is kind, sweet, gentle , intelligent and just a pleasure to know. She took care of my elder sister and I a lot when we were younger and it was sort of like having an extra mother. Simone is very funny and being around her is like having a party everyday. Her daughter, Isabelle is very much like her mother. Isabelle is uncommonly brilliant. She seems to know everything before you even tell her and she is always inquiring about things she does not completely understand. She is very feisty, stubborn and incredibly beautiful. Everywhere that she goes, people stop whoever she is with just to say how lovely she is. Isabelle has a mouth on her that is something like a whip. Despite the fact that she is only five, she can verbally lash out on you in a way that makes you wonder if her age is accurate. However, her feisty ways make her all the more appealing for some reason.