Making a sharp turn on my longboard.

Two of my favorite activities are surfing and skating. I started surfing my freshman year of college when my best friend, Tom, introduced me to the sport and gave me a board. I was immediately hooked. Every Saturday, we would go out to St. Augustine (about an hour and a half drive) to surf all day. My greatest surfing memory was a dawn patrol in St. Augustine, with just me, a friend and a group of dolphins enjoying the ocean. It's not just a sport, it's a way of life for me. When Tom moved to Orlando, I lost my surfing buddy, but we still try and meet up as much as possible to enjoy the beach together. When the water is unbearably cold or just un-surfable, I go into surf withdrawl. But with the help of Tom, a new passion has been created.

Two years ago, Tom had the idea of making his own longboard skateboard, since they are pretty costly at surf shops. His ideas came into creation and he built two skateboards for us to enjoy. It's great for flying down hills or cruising around on campus. I skate as much as possible, especially when I can't get to the beach to surf. I am in constant search of big hills and smooth parking lots. I have covered almost the entire main campus of UF on my board.

I have had a bunch of minor falls--that's the only way to learn, in my opinion--and a few jellyfish stings. Fortunately, I have escaped broken bones and shark bites. Both surfing and skating are sports that constantly challenge me because they involve fear, risk and physical demands. I am always striving to learn new things and pushing myself harder.

Charging down a hill at the UF stadium.