This is me when I was little. I modeled for magazines and department stores and appeared in a few commercials.

I was born in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, a suburb outside of Philadelphia. I lived in PA for almost 17 years and moved to Weston, Florida my senior year of high school for my father's job. It was a pretty rough transition and a culture shock, too. I had to leave my entire life behind, including an oppurtunity to be in the Junior Olympics for field hockey.

I survived though, and I finally found my niche in Gainesville at the University of Florida, where I've met some of my closest friends. I started my college career as a health science major, but switched to public relations my sophomore year, after taking some journalism classes. I moved to Boston last summer for an internship at a news station. I love the city life, but cannot picture myself living too far from the beach. I will be graduating at the end of the year and plan to move to San Diego, California.

My parents still live in Weston and run their own buisness in commercial interior design. I have one brother, Chris, who is a sophomore at Florida State University and a beloved dog, Cassie.

When I'm not making Web sites and studying for my classes, I still manage to keep busy. I work at Mother Earth, a natural food market in town. I am a vegetarian and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Cookies are my only weakness and I indulge as often as possible.

When I discovered that field hockey did not exsist in Florida, I was crushed. I had been athletic all my life and needed something to get into. So I got hooked on the ultimate beach sport. I love to surf and skate as much as possible. When I want to relax, I read or write poetry or listen to music. Next time I update the site, I may get the courage to post some writings or music files. Stay tuned!

Some sites I frequent are:
This sites provides me with much entertainment.

Surf Station
Where I go for the latest surf info.