Jay, Paul Cleary, Ray, Me, Andrew, Tamara and Andy at my 21st Birthday dinner. My friends are absolutely awesome. As you see in the pictures, we all come from many different cultural backgrounds, so we all bring a lot to our group. I have known most of them since high school, but we did not really become close until college. I am so lucky to have so many people who care about me.

Jason, Amanda, F.J., Debra, Chris, Colleen and Jeremy

All of these pictures were taken at my 21st Birthday party at Harry's Seafood, Bar and Grille in downtown Gainesville.

Me and Tamara at my 21st Birthday party.
Tamara and I have been friends since her freshman year at UF. She is my art buddy. Whenever we get bored in this drinking town, we end up doing art projects to keep ourselves busy and our apartments filled with pretty accessories.

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