My Family. My family is wonderful. My parents have always set a good example for my older brother and myself. Both my father and my mother work for the Broward County School Board as high school administrators. I had no choice but to be a good student or else they would hear about it from my teachers and principals, even though I attended big schools! We are a family of 4, with my older brother, Jason, being 5 1/2 years older than me. The vast age difference never fazed us. Most of the time, wherever Jason went, I went. Even throughout his college years, I would visit him at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte during my breaks. The four years he was away wasn't as fun for me without having a sibling around, but he moved back to South Florida during my sophomore year in high school. Unfortunately, I moved away to go to college a year later. It is still nice to come home to my entire family during my breaks.

My brother, Jason and his fiancé, Cara.
This is my brother, Jason and his fiancé, Cara. They will be married on November 7, 2004. They currently live in Boca Raton where Jason is the CIO of an asset recovery company and Cara is attending Graduate School for Chemistry.

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