This is Jako! This is our baby, Jako. Kevin and I got Jako in June of 2003. His birthday is April 1, so he will be turning 1 year old very soon.

I have never owned a cat before due to the fact that I used to be allergic to them. Somehow, I am not allergic to Jako, but I still react slightly to my brother's cats. It could be because we bathe him every other week...he loves it! Actually, he doesn't mind much anymore.

How cute is he? Jako definitely makes life more interesting when he isn't sleeping 20 of the 24 hours in a day. He's even cute when he sleeps, though! How can you not love this little trouble maker? Look past the cute face and you will find a cat who loves to torment any stuffed animal he can get his paws on. Even if we were to give him his own stuffed animal, it would never be as good as mine because mine do not belong to him, making eating them more of a thrill. Despite his stuffed animal-eating antics, we love him to death and are so happy to share our home with this little guy!

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