Every spy needs a good set of tools. So here are some of my favorites Web sites. Please use these with caution as picking the wrong site could send you to sudden death...

A Good Spy Knows The Status of the World

The New York Times - The Real News
The Onion - The Fake News
The Weather Channel - Bad weather will ruin you
Time - The best magazine in the world
Andrew Sullivan

A Spy's Got to Look Good or at least have a Good-Looking Companion

Banana Republic
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Gotta Know Where to Get Good Tools

Food Network - A Spy must feed themself
WS - A Spy must defend themself with a sharp knife
Buy.com - Cheapest site to get books, tell them LizSpy sent you
IMDB - Everything you want to know about the movies
Sparknotes - a better alternative to Cliffnotes, for all those lazy spies

A Spy's Work is Never Done

University of Florida - Where I'm currently hiding out
UF MAIB Program - Where I'd like to hideout after graduation
NBC's Today Show - Where I'd like to find a permanent hideout

Email me - Lizspy@aol.com