Here are some photos of my unsuspecting family members. Infected with the computer illiteracy virus, most of them are confined to calculators and pocket watches and won't be visiting this site anytime soon...

I am the oldest of four children. Unlike myself, my sisters are all wanted felons and their pictures are posted all over Interpol. Here we are last Christmas before Natalie (bottom left) was arrested for harvesting exotic snakes from South Africa. She was released on a technicality, but the others are still on the run. From left to right, Rosemary, 15, Madeline, 17, Natalie, 10, and myself.

This is the newest member of the family, Baby Olivia. She's only been in the world for a couple weeks, but I know she's going to rule the world someday, so I'd like to get on her good side by giving her a premium spot on my Web site.

These two people are responsible for the spawning of me and my sisters. My mom is currently getting her master's degree from the University of South Florida and my dad likes to buy lots of umbrellas. They were both born in Cuba and immigrated to the United States when they were very young. Most of the strangeness in my family can be attributed to these two people. They are not as innocent as they look...

Here are some more pictures of the various members of my eclectic family. Click on any of the thumbnails to reveal a larger and more pleasurable viewing experience.

Tio Rene and Family Baby Olivia My Family Abuelos Sisters Olivia and Family Tia and Tio Rosie and Me Mom and Rosemary Team Viagra Tio and Family

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