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author:David Anderson
This site represents the Buccaneers. It also represents my love of sports in general and the time and attention I pay to them. But I don't just love sports; I find great enjoyment in other pastimes a practical man might call a waste of time. I would be remiss to create a website, my first website, without providing the means to participate in the great joys of...Online Poker and Video Games! So I have given you some links to some of my favorite such sites, as well as the best (and free-est) sports sites on the net.

I would also like to give credit to the St. Petersburg Times for the lovely pictures.

The only video game resource you'll ever need!

Party Poker
This is the poker site to get! Very reliable connect and good graphics/style!

CBS Sportsline
A great sports site and FREE! (sorry ESPN.com) The helmets and little logos on this site came from sportsline!

It's just yahoo but they have a FREE! fantasy basketball league (sorry ESPN.com) that you should look for...excellent!

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