That's me on the right I know that after I graduate from the University of Florida,
that I would like to move back to California. Whether I decide
to go to law school or not, I know my ultimate goal is to raise
a family in northern California in the Bay Area. I want my children
to be raised with the same morals and tolerance that I learned from
my classmates, their families, my neighbors, and my teachers. I honestly
believe that northern Californians have a natural instinct to trust and
treat all people equally.

I realize that whatever career path I take, I will take a leave of
absence to raise a family. Family is most important to me, and although
it may sound “old-fashioned,” I believe it is all right for a father to
work while a mother raises the children. My mother worked when I was younger
and my parents equally participated in my childhood, but when we moved to
Florida, my mother decided to not work and be more active participant in my
life. I want to be a professional, yet be able to raise a family while I am still young.
I have been in school for so long, so I feel comfortable being a student and
love to learn about almost anything, but I know I cannot stay in school
for forever.

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