Me as a child After seven and a half hours of labor, my mother gave birth to me
on January 21, 1983. My parents decided to name me Jean Evelyn Wise,
after each of my grandmothers, Jean Wise and Evelyn Lanen. Since I was
a little girl, my friends and family have called me "Jeannie" to
distinguish me from my grandmother. My parents, David and Mary, both
held professional jobs in the computer industry, and although I know
I do not want to pursue a technical career, I know I want to have a
professional status and salary. We lived in Florida until just before
my second birthday and then we moved to southern California. In 1987,
we moved to northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area, and then
seven years ago, in 1996, we moved back to Tampa. Even though I was born
in Florida, I first tell people I'm from California simply because I
identify more with Californians more so than Floridians.

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