International Events:

Through lifting I have been fortunate enough to travel internationally. I have traveled to Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. Puerto Rico was a fun trip but it was different than I had expected. It was very poor and run down. The World University Games in Montreal, Canada was my next international trip. This meet was the most competitive meet I have been a part of. I actually got to compete with former Olympians and gold medalists. It was a great experience. But Out of all of my international trips the Under 23 World Championships in Mexico City had to be the most memorable. We stayed at the Mexico Olympic Training Center, which was a hole in the wall. I actually mean that literally, we had about a 3 ft. hole in our room. It wasn’t too bad though because we could pass things to the room next to us without even getting up. The rest of the room was decorated with a newspaper covering up a busted out window, dirty floors and I am not even going to describe the stains on the bed. The locals were also very colorful. After settling in and getting ready for bed, our team was greeted by loud salsa music and several screaming men from down the hall. So I decided to go outside and see what was going on. As soon as I opened the door I saw about a half a dozen completely nude Mexican men dance and singing. Now I realize the world has a variety of cultures and rituals but this was still very strange to me. This meet was definitely an experience, and I have a lot more appreciation for living in the United States. Out of all the countries I have seen, none of them even compare to America.

Me and Coach.

Excited after lift.

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