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This page is dedicated to my friends. I've met these people through summer work, school or just randomly. Click on the thumbnails to jump right to a particular person's description, or just scroll on down the page to get the basic info about the people I've listed. I'll continually update this page, adding new people and new information for those already listed, so check back for updates!

These are only the people for whom I have pictures. If you don't see yourself on this page and you would like to, send me a picture! I'll be happy to include you. If you'd like for me to include a link to your Web site in your bio, let me know about that, too.

Ashley Hunt Ashley Hunt
nickname: Da Stra
age: 19
hometown: Bloomington, IN
"Ashhunt" goes to UF and worked with me during summer 2002 at Carowinds.

Chris Miller Chris Miller
nickname: Lemon Slice
age: 21
hometown: Clover, SC
Miller worked at Carowinds during summer 2002 and came to visit at UF a few times.

Claire Mitchell Claire Mitchell
nickname: uh...Vitamin C? That girl? No, no...Wussypuff.
age: 18
hometown: Tallahassee, FL
I met Claire at a show in October 2002, and she's become my best friend. Yay. What a cool kid.

Scottie Mitchell Scottie Mitchell
nickname: Lil' Skahtz
age: 13
hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Scottie is Claire's younger sister. I am also acquainted with her friends Snakey and Fenelope.

Ashlee Pate Ashlee Pate
nickname: Frogger (note: I've never called her by this name)
age: 21
hometown: College Station, TX
I "met" Ashlee online in May 2002 and have somewhat kept up an e-mail-based friendship.

Miranda Riley Miranda Riley
nickname: Blu Gnu, Big Red, twin
age: 20
hometown: Rock Hill, SC
Miran is my friend through Holly (see below). We are twins, except I'm not six feet tall.

Holly Weichman Holly Weichman
nickname: J8ke Fatty
age: 20
hometown: Rock Hill, SC
Holly's another funtastic Carowinds kid. Cosmic bowling would never be the same without her.

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