However tacky this may be, I have decided to include a page of links to my favorite sites. These links are to pages most people do not know about, that is why I have included them here for viewing.

Since I am a Journalist, and also interested in Layout and design, some of the links below will be Journalism based, and design and layout based. Please take a moment to view these additional Web sites.

Coral Shores High School This Web site is of my old High School. The teacher who keeps this site up is a good friend of mine, and the site is pretty well-written. I invite you to look at the Journalism part of this site. I worked on both the Yearbook and Newspaper, and both have recently won awards nationally.

The University of Florida - Journalism Department Although you probably came from this site to visit this site, it is an excellent source for student journalism. The College of Journalism and Communications is one of the Top 10 Journalism Colleges in the Nation. Go Gators!!!

The Florida Catholic The Florida Catholic newspaper is the largest circulation Catholic newspaper in the United States. They produce five different issues for each diocese in Florida every week. One of the Layout Editors is a good friend of mine. Check out their site, and learn something new.

News Page Designer This is an awesome site for those of you who are interested in Journalism, especially layout and design. This site allows designers from around the world to submit their favorite layouts for others to admire. This site is a great place to get ideas for designing elements.

The Society of News Design This is a great site to learn more about basic Layout and Design for you Editing Majors like myself.

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