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This page is devoted to a sampling of my photography. I am nowhere near a photo-genius, but one day I hope to feel confidant enough to get a job as a photo editor. I took these pictures in the Winter of 2000.

What I captured in these photos represents how I see New York City. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos, and I hope to add more soon.

New York City subway ceiling

All photos on this site were taken by Jennifer Schaefer. This picture was taken in 2000 in a subway terminal.

Stephen in Times Square

This is my brother Stephen in Times Square.


This is a nice art deco theater that I came across in Greenwich Village.

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Hot Billboard Guy

This is a cool billboard I shot in Times Square. I think this is James Dean. I filtered the photo to give it the red tint.


Here is a travel agency that caters to the homosexual population. I passed it while walking in the Village. I used the fresco filter on this photo.

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