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A good release for most journalists is a trip to the bar after the paper has been sent to press. Bars are great because they allow enough room for a large group of people to get together and blow off steam.

New York is a great place for bars. It seems as though there is a bar on every corner. The proximity of the bar is another great reason for a journalist to work in this town.

One of the oldest bars in New York is McSorley's Old Ale House. This place is hard core and serves up pints of dark ale. If you've seen Gangs of New York, that is when this place was established. So don't expect some cute, artsy type place.

One of the coolest places I went to when I visited New York was CBGB's. I went there with my cousins to hear their friend sing. It was kind of surreal being in a place where so many great bands got their start. Oddly enough CGBG stands for Country Bluegrass Blues. The owner of the bar wanted those types of bands to play his venue, instead he got punk.

CBGBs is great if you want to just drink at the bar, or if you want to sit up by the stage and hear one of many bands.

Another place that features great live music, and drinks, of course, is The Bottom Line . Musical artists from all over the country stop by and take the stage for one night in the Big Apple.

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