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the many brothels of the Red light district. No, I didn't go inside! Ahhh. Amsterdam's Red Light District. Whores dressed as nurses, tropical goddesses and dominatrixes strutting their stuff in windows to lure in their next customer. Sex shops and palaces for those who like the group setting, and the Penis Fountain for those cheesy tourists, like me, to take their picture with.

But this isn’t even the best place I’ve traveled. I also took a five day tour of Paris my senior year in high school. My sister and I had stayed in an artsy loft in Monmarte, while our awesome, trusting Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tom stayed down the way in their own spa-styled studio. Of course we had to see all those touristy places like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumph, Notredam, Sacre Cure and Jim Morrison's grave (which was kinda dull!) We got into all sorts of trouble in Paris saying “Bonsoir” more than “Bonjour” because we were determined to see the City of Lights at night. It even turned out that we were able to hit the town with one of my best friends, Katie, who happened to be in Paris at the same time. Follow this link to see a picture of some sexy ladies in Paris.

But traveling isn’t the only experience that has helped me become the cool, beautiful, worldly, intelligent chica that I am. Oh, stop. Really, I could go on, but I had quite a bit of help that enabled me to do have great experiences. Shout out to my Mom and Rick. Also to my peeps (not in any particular order) Katie, Ethan, Adam, Laura, Kim and Leslie- Holla!

Ok, besides that being totally wrong because I’m a little white girl, I’m actually quite appreciative of other cultures. I enjoyed learning French when I was in France (Vou le vou couché a vec moi?) and I love anything Latin…no, not just Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias (what is up with that mole!) or Antonio Banderas. I love the food, the language, the music and the dancing…so it only makes sense that I would take over 6 years of Spanish, be in the Spanish Honor Society when I was in high school, and want to spend a semester in Spain to fine tune my language skills.

Speaking of skills. There are some mad skills up in this joint. Okay, I finna stop with the Ebonics. I got in trouble with the wrong crowd in middle school for that. (Disclaimer: I am not trying to be offensive or insensitive to any culture or race when I speak in Ebonics. I just think it sounds humorous coming from me.) Back to my mad skills… check out my resumé for the details, but I’ll summarize my most recent accolades:

This semester has been quite an ambitious one for me. My plate has been full with my own Internet business (check out Visionary Marketing for more on that), an internship at UF’s Office of Public Relations, being Account Executive for Alpha Productions (the largest PR firm in Gainesville), being a member of PRSSA and FPRA, and running for a Senate seat with the Student Alliance party (I got my ass kicked, but I learned a lot about student government…like how corrupt it is!). My life is so busy, but I love it this way, and I’m hoping to stay active in the summer by getting an internship with a reputable PR firm in Orlando.


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