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This is my picture from senior prom As a public relations major at the University of Florida Iíve learned that PR is everywhere! Everything needs a little PR, even people. So this is my mini-PR page, no spin, no special events, just good olí personal public relations of the informative kind. This Web site tells you about who I am, my interests, dislikes, ambitions, skills, where Iíve been and what I hope to do. I hope you enjoy learning about me as you navigate my Self Portrait.

Connie's Stats

My Stats

  1. Birthday: September 13, 1982
  2. Favorite Color: Blue
  3. Favorite Food: Fetuccini Alfredo
  4. Hobbies:
    • soccer
    • painting
    • poetry
    • scuba diving
  5. Favorite Places I've Traveled:
    • Paris, France
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • New York City, NY
    • Portland, Oregon
  6. Favorite Sport: Men's College Basketball
  7. Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: PiŮa Colada
  8. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage: Sweet Tea

I'm standing in front of a brothel in Amsterdam's Red Light 
District Experiences

No, this page isn't about those types of experiences!

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